A downloadable game for Windows

As member of Special Ops, you and your squad were sent to infiltrate Desert City and retrieve stolen DATA from Enemy computer.

You were ordered to guard the escape route, while the rest of the squad entered the city, but something went wrong and the communication with your squad members was severed. You decided to investigate the situation and carry out the mission yourself if necessary.


WSAD - Movement
Left Mouse Button (LMB) - Fire weapon
Right Mouse Button (RMB) - Iron Sight
Shift + LMB - Charge Shot
Space - Jump
Ctrl - Crouch
Alt - Sprint
Tab - Show Current Objective

Game overview:

Operation: Desert City is a simple FPP shooter done in Unreal Engine 4. It was created solely for the purpose of learning Unreal Engine 4.

When I started, I had only the very basic knowledge of how the engine works (watched/completed only few tutorials for beginners). After slightly over a month of almost non-stop reading/watching tutorials and trying things out in the editor I ended up with the game you see in front of you. It's nothing super fancy, but I think it's pretty OK for something done by a complete noob, who never done anything in the UE4 or other engine of similar magnitude.

More information

Published338 days ago
TagsFirst-Person, FPS, unreal, unreal-engine

Install instructions

Unpack the .zip file, then use OperationDesertCity.exe to run the game.

The download file is 1.1GB, so it might take a while to download. The game itself is around 2GB after unpacking.

You can also download this game here:

Dropbox mirror1: http://bit.ly/297pibe
Dropbox mirror2: http://bit.ly/29456K4
Dropbox mirror3: http://bit.ly/294OT5Q

Mediafire mirror1: http://bit.ly/29im30h

Or use the buttons below!


Mirror1: Operation: Desert City v1.0.2 (1 GB)
Mirror2: Operation: Desert City v1.0.2 (1 GB)


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Li-nux Li-nux Li-nux! xD

Nice work! You have incredible potential!


make a sequel!


Can you please make an Linux version? Thanks


you'll make a sequel

please make a sequel !

When you compare it to other games, it looks very well done! You could put this on steam and noone would guess it's an indie game! Il see if its possible for me to make a video about this one, this game is too good ;D


looks cool

Is this 32 bit or 64 bit?

64 bit

I Was Trying To Download The Game But It Was A Compressed File. Is There A Way To Change This Problem?

Not really. If I don't compress it, the download file will be over twice as big. Plus, the game consist multiple files, uploading each one of them separately will be too much of a pain in the ass. Packing them into one zip/rar file is the only reasonable thing to do.

But all those things aside, I don't really understand why is it a problem? What's so bad about compressed files?


Hey there, I suggest using https://itch.io/docs/butler/ to upload your game! With it, you can upload as much as 32GB.

It'll let you push patches by uploading only what's changed, and it'll let your players use keep the game up-to-date via https://itch.io/app easily.

We have a solid CDN as of a few days ago, so all those mirrors shouldn't be needed :)


Thanks! It actually works perfectly :)

I have a question, though. Why is there such a big difference in file size limit between normal upload and the butler upload?


Good to hear! I just posted a FAQ that I hope will answer that last question :)

download links both dont work

yo all the links are dead i was trying make gameplay video of this game update me and i will :)

Check the dropbox mirrors above. All 3 should work at this moment :

Thought you should know, someone on Steam has posted Operation Desert City as their concept game.


Thank you. I will try to deal with it :)

32 bit?

cool game man


Please make it for apple! This game is really good.

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