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I would recommend using a non-starter asset or at least make the weapons fit the scene. Nice project otherwise, level looks nice!

Would love to see a pvp version and properly marketed


A great little FPS. It was fun. Make more levels !!!


Good job on your first UE4 Project. The level was very basic but you had some instances of backtracking that added some variety. I think if the movement and shooting was more  fluid, this game would be very fun to play.

Hi seems like a good game i'm using celeron n3050 and igpu intel hd and after extracting and running the .exe file.... it was loading for sooooo long.... May i know what's the requirement for the game?

I have same source :-)


Hey, a year later I tried this game again after playing a similar 1-level game :) Still cool!
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can you make it for macOS

can i play on window xp ?

You are not able to play any unreal engine 4 games on Windows Xp for two reasons 1: Unreal Engine 4 only supports Windows 7 or higher 2: Even if /windows Xp was supported it couldn't run anyways due to hardware limitations of the pc that uses it.

Wow i saw a vid on this and i was like i have to download it. Did you use unity3d because those are some very impresive skills you have :) i a downloading it soon

It is a Unreal Engine 4

ok thnx pretty impressive though

Hey man, it would be great if he or she had done this... but this is just a packaged demo with new map of Unreal Engine 4. It`s the shooter sample. You can dowload it for free and play with the controls and blueprints.

I had a hard time believing someone (especially a beginner) made this in a month, or maybe I suck as a dev.

so what has this guy actually done himself?

Disculpen y los requisitos del juego ? 


hello :)

Hmmm, really googd game, but i have 2 questions : Multiplayer in future ? and FUUUUUCK : After 3 hours, i don't find the level 3 key : secret or future update ?

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Sorry, Level 3 areas were cut out because of time constrain. I was planning to add them later, but I didn't have time to do anything about it and now my interest in continuing this project is all time low. And no, no plans for multiplayer. Maybe in my next game ;P

Ok, np, continue, fantastic game ^^


Looking forward to your future games.

Which Mirror is Better To Download?

If You Feel Like You Are Struggling With The UE4 Engine, Then I Reccomend Learning Unity. Unity Can Produce Much Similar Graphics and Is Definitely Easy To Use. Sick Game Though!

Who said I don't know Unity already? ;D

Ooooooooo XD


this game has a lot of potential if created into a full game :D

Thanks! Glad you liked it! :)


Check out my quick Let's Play. I like the game, look forward to seeing some development. Looks and plays great for someone only learning UE4

Nice, I like it! :D

Sorry for that slightly confusing "LVL 3" gates...

Thanks! No problem haha

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I would be lying if I said this game was the first time I had to wait for the loading screen... to stop... loading... I Also ran it last night and kept it on and its still fucking loading to this very day. Not Fucking Lagging >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Looking Pretty.

Li-nux Li-nux Li-nux! xD


Nice work! You have incredible potential!


make a sequel!


Can you please make an Linux version? Thanks


you'll make a sequel

please make a sequel !

When you compare it to other games, it looks very well done! You could put this on steam and noone would guess it's an indie game! Il see if its possible for me to make a video about this one, this game is too good ;D


looks cool

Is this 32 bit or 64 bit?

64 bit

I Was Trying To Download The Game But It Was A Compressed File. Is There A Way To Change This Problem?

Not really. If I don't compress it, the download file will be over twice as big. Plus, the game consist multiple files, uploading each one of them separately will be too much of a pain in the ass. Packing them into one zip/rar file is the only reasonable thing to do.

But all those things aside, I don't really understand why is it a problem? What's so bad about compressed files?


Hey there, I suggest using to upload your game! With it, you can upload as much as 32GB.

It'll let you push patches by uploading only what's changed, and it'll let your players use keep the game up-to-date via easily.

We have a solid CDN as of a few days ago, so all those mirrors shouldn't be needed :)


Thanks! It actually works perfectly :)

I have a question, though. Why is there such a big difference in file size limit between normal upload and the butler upload?


Good to hear! I just posted a FAQ that I hope will answer that last question :)

download links both dont work

yo all the links are dead i was trying make gameplay video of this game update me and i will :)

Check the dropbox mirrors above. All 3 should work at this moment :

Thought you should know, someone on Steam has posted Operation Desert City as their concept game.

Thank you. I will try to deal with it :)

32 bit?

cool game man


Please make it for apple! This game is really good.


Some Suggestions

  • Customizable Controls
  • Default Key = Shift
  • Nerf the Charged Shot(Use more energy, lower radius)
  • Add Flashlight/Nightvision
  • Multiplayer(Server Browser)
  • Loadout's
  • Levels
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